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Karaoke Kaizokudan

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Id Title Artist Series Lyrics Language Variant
8471 Arrival of Tears Ayane 11eyes N Japanese

2x2 Shinobuden

Id Title Artist Series Lyrics Language Variant
5836 Kurukururin Kaoru 2x2 Shinobuden Y Karaoke
5841 Shinobu Sanjou Kumano Kiyomi 2x2 Shinobuden Y Karaoke


Id Title Artist Series Lyrics Language Variant
2272 Distance Megumi Hayashibara 3x3Eyes Y Japanese
2265 Holy Road Megumi Hayashibara 3x3Eyes N Japanese
2257 Mamote Ageru Megumi Hayashibara 3x3Eyes N Japanese

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Song list last updated: June 29, 2016

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Lyrics: A Y indicates lyrics are available in the database. [S] indicates they are scrolling lyrics (will automatically scroll on the screen. An N indicates we do not have lyrics (but you are free to bring your own.)

Language: This indicates the language the song is in; karaoke denotes there are no primary vocals.

Variant: Indicates if this is a variant of song, such as a TV size or remix version.

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